Counseling for Anxiety

Counseling for Anxiety

Is your normal functioning being affected by feelings of anxiety?

Does it feel like you can’t control it no matter how hard you try?

Do you feel a tightness in your chest that thinking about the situation logically  just doesn’t help?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, I’m confident I can help.

Therapy for anxiety – as opposed to anxiety medication – treats more than just the symptoms caused by your anxiety. Your perceptions, the way you think about things, has a significant effect on how you respond to the world emotionally and intellectually. Together we can uncover the core beliefs, or past experiences, that are causing you to feel anxious as well as the emotional responses you are having to those thoughts. We can use various techniques to help relieve anxiety and to shift your overall experience. You can begin to view your anxiety in a way that is less distressing and more manageable. You can start to use anxiety as a useful guidepost pointing you towards the precise place inside that needs your attention.

Common symptoms of anxiety are:

  • Nervousness, restlessness or being tense
  • Feelings of danger, panic or dread
  • Rapid breathing or hyperventilation
  • Increased or heavy sweating
  • Trembling or muscle twitching
  • Weakness or lethargy
  • Difficulty focusing or thinking clearly about anything other than the thing you’re worried about
  • Insomnia
  • Obsessions about certain ideas
  • Anxiety surrounding a particular life event or experience that has occurred in the past

If any or some of these symptoms are what you’re experiencing, please reach out to schedule an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you!


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