Life Transition Guidance

Life Transition Guidance

It’s said, that “the only constant in the world, is change.” We know this to be true from our own life experiences. The saying does not  go on to describe these changes as being easy. Sometimes they are; we glide right through life without much effort and our choices and decisions seem obvious to us. Other times, life can feel like one curve ball after another with little time to catch our breath in between. At these times, our choices may not feel so clear.

Life transitions include contemplating a job or career change, starting a family, getting an education, or making a big move, to name a few.

Life transitions can also mean that you are transitioning from one phase of life to the next. You may be trying to navigate life with new responsibilities due to graduating from high school or college or moving out on your own. You may be a new parent or guardian and feel unsure about how to best guide another through life. You may be taking on a new role in your family or community that feels unfamiliar and demanding in a way you aren’t used to. It could be that you recently moved in with your partner or are getting married. Although we like to think of these milestones as a joyful time, it can also be a very stressful time.

Other transitions such as life after divorce or a loss due to death can leave us feeling unsettled and in unfamiliar territory. Having support during times of grief and loss is comforting and invaluable while moving through the grieving process. Knowing that what you are experiencing is ok and normal, even if it feels completely abnormal and foreign, can be a huge relief.

Sometimes the loss we are grieving is less tangible and not related to a relationship ending or a physical death. A loss of routine or normalcy is not a typical loss, making the feelings surrounding that loss feel especially difficult. Recognizing that a loss of normalcy or our loss of our assumptions about the way the world is, can also result in feelings of grief, helps us to better understand the experience.

How we perceive each of these life transitions and the support that we have during them will affect how we move through them and what we learn. Sometimes what happens in life doesn’t seem to make any sense at all. At these times, whatever the life transition is, talking to someone can help.

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